Tuesday, September 25, 2007

!kresreB enoG s'retupmoC yM !pleH (Help! My Computer's Gone Berserk!)

Last week my computer literally went berserk. It did everything backwards.

Everything I typed was backwards (online and with word processing software) and when I tried to check the TV schedule with my trusty online TV site http://couchville.com, it scrolled backwards through the TV grid!

Here is my desperate chat with my hubby (do ignore the poor syntax):

September 17, 2007
9:13 AM me: iH
9:14 AM sdrawkcab abag ngnipyt won si enihcam ym suriv a aevah dluoc kniht uoy od
Chris: olleH
me: ysub
Chris: are you kidding me??? typing backward????
me: puy
9:15 AM Chris: did you reboot?
me: puy
Chris: I have a meeting right nowish... I thin kit's something. Do a search on the computer room computer for ideas.. I've never heard of such a thing
9:16 AM me: ko

In the end I ended up reading the link Chris sent me, installing a new version of AdAware, and updating my Avast! virus software. However, I'm not sure either one of those things necessarily fixed anything. Since I was also having trouble with the track pad on my laptop, I plugged in my wireless USB mouse, and from that point on, no problems . . . .

By 10 AM all was well. :)