Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In My Next Life I Want to Be a Cat

As I sit here on the sofa stressing about finances, trying not to over schedule myself and second-guessing recently submitted job applications; I glance over at my cats.

They are sitting on the sofa calm and chill. Do they worry about anything?

I really do think cats have it made. They act friendly, we pet them. They scratch, we let them out. They puke, we clean it. They poop, we clean it. They meow, we feed them. They nudge, once again, we pet.

Yet, we totally accept the notion that they often prefer to be left alone, and (guess what) we let them be. I think the only things my cats want that they don't have are freedom (we keep them imprisoned inside) and one of those giant carpet covered cat towers (they don't have any rich kitty friends to tell them what they're missing).

Yup, I could lounge around the house, sleeping on anything soft, or at least anything that's not the actual floor. I could lick plastic (Modem *loves* plastic.) I could act pissy when someone tries to pick me up. I could chase shiny things, lights and bugs. I could even pay attention to my human friends at my convenience, if I felt like it.

Cats have it made.

In my next life I wan to be a cat.

Modem in a box, or just not on the actual floor.
Prince Omar (enough said).

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